Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Week of Classes!

Krystal Here!

So I decided to change my background (with the suggestion from Rachel).

I started my Spring semester this year of my Mechanical Engineering BS degree (and no, it's not B.S.). I'm only 3 semesters away from graduation and I am already getting so excited. It's been a long time in the making, since I transferred after getting married to Chris, but it's been very worth it all though being married and going to school. I will be glad, however, to get into a job and make some money finally when I graduate. I am also an officer in the Society of Women Engineers at my school and I am also a member of Tau Beta Pi so that along with classes kept me busy and having a good time this first week. My classes this semester include:

Heat Transfer
Fluids and Thermal Lab
Human Factors in Engineering Technical Elective
Seminar in Engineering (Ethics)
Mechanical Design
AND the lovely Athropology 100 to satisfy the General Ed. Gotta love GE.

So, for the next 4 months my life will revolve around Heat Transfer and Fluids Lab (not something I'm completely looking forward to, but nonetheless very interesting). We'll see how I do. :-)

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Haircut

Krystal Here!,
I spoke with my sister Rachel a few days ago and she told me I needed to take and post some pictures of my new haircut. I got a haircut over the Christmas holiday while in Texas and it might be the BEST haircut I have ever had. Take a look:

Photos courtesy of my incredibly wonderful husband Chris :-)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009 A New Year

Krystal here!,
This is a brand new blog about the life of me and my husband Chris. We were married on June 3, 2007 in Texas and promptly moved to California where my husband is a Marine. I was 21 (which means I'm 23...yes I know I was young) and I transferred schools from Texas A&M to California State University in Fullerton to finish my Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering (3 semesters left!). I have 2 wonderful parents and 1 older sister who is married to an Air Force Pilot.

So, I've had a blog for a few years but haven't updated it in a long time. Chris also has a blog that he rarely updates, so I figured why not create one for the both of us that everyone everywhere can read. I named the blog "Here, There, and Everywhere" based on the fact that we have friends all over the world and it doesn't matter where our family and friends are everyone can be updated about our journey!...and it is also one of my favorite songs by the Beatles :-) That may be the main reason too.

This update is about the new year. In 2009, we are happier than ever here in California. Chris just returned 3 months ago from a 6 month long deployment (on a ship) where he visited pretty much everywhere including the Middle East. This was his second deployment and we're just happy he's home safe and praying that he will not have to go again. In December of 2008 we finally visited "home" in Texas where we had so much fun with our families. Here's a picture of the family (Chris' parents on the left and my parents on the right).

We hope everyone enjoys the New Year!