Saturday, August 22, 2009

Krystal N Designs


So, even though I'm sure no one actually reads this (or so I think), I am writing another post. Ok, ok I know my sister reads this but I'm hoping in the near future to have many more people looking at this.

Lately, I have started to get back into my I used to love drawing when I was younger even though most people would never know it since I am more math inclined than anything else. However, I have heard that left-handers (which I am) can sometimes be good at
math and still be able to draw more than a stick figure. About a year ago, I decided I needed
some decorations in my apartment which we are required to keep this nasty off-white color on
every single wall. In the bedroom, I had some picture frames that were made of iron and had a scroll/swirly look to I decided to decorate and match the current decor by painting a few canvases to look like that. Painted with "Faith", "Hope", and "Love" these canvases now hang in the bedroom and look awesome...or so I think.

Because I was so proud of my artwork I sent a few pictures to my parents. If anyone knows my mom, they know that she is SOOO into homemade things (she even makes her own jewelry and it looks amazing!). She loved my artwork and told me she would like something similar to I made some small painted canvases for her which she hung up. Now, I know how
parents are, and I can't really blame them either: I knew she probably really liked them but that
wouldn't mean anyone else would like know what I mean. BUT, my sister (not having
ever known that I painted them) thought they were store bought. After finding out that I made them she convinced me to continue this painting thing and introduced me to Now, if you don't know what this is and you're a DIY-er, you have to visit the website, you will fall in love.

So, I used this website to set up my own shop where I sell customized
canvas paintings for any kind of ocassion. Alot of my artwork seems to be a great for baby rooms, as parents will spend outrageous amounts of money on their little-ones...but these canvases can be created for any kind of room and can be given as gifts! So, please visit this
website to see what I can make for you or contact me through this site.

Monogram/Letter Canvases (personalized to any name or word or date and hung with a ribbon)
5x7 - $7.50 for each letter
8x10 - $10.00 for each letter

Large Canvases with design - price depends on how extensive the artwork is

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